When you are out there to market your video then it becomes quite obvious that you will make use of various features that are available on that platform. The same thing holds true for Vimeo as well, users of Vimeo are trying to get the most out of it and in order to achieve that they opt for the Pro version where maximum features are available. In here you can get real Vimeo views as in the regular Vimeo account, but apart from that there are several other advantages of using Vimeo Pro over the Vimeo free account or the Plus account. Always it is necessary to buy vimeo plays for getting instant traffic.

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Vimeo Pro and Portfolio

Portfolio is a feature that you will find in Vimeo Pro. If you want, you can create multiple numbers of Vimeo Portfolios and the best part is that all of these portfolios can have its own sub – domain and domain too. Another interesting factor about this is that Vimeo doesn’t do its own branding instead it lets its users explore the whole platform to his own benefit.

The URL that has been put to use is also of the users only and in there you won’t find the name Vimeo embedded. You can see it for yourself when you visit the Vimeo site that when any URL comes up or any video is streaming it never reflects Vimeo anywhere. It also provides the same thing for the sub domain as well. Sub – domain can be a real web address or it can be treated like a pointer for different pages which otherwise might be difficult to dictate.

In here you just need to come out with a Portfolio of yours and then point a sub – domain to it or if you want you can go to the domain as well. After doing so you have to pick up a template from Vimeo Pro for your Portfolio and select which video goes where. Depending on the main objective of the portfolios you can pick up the videos. If there is any metadata assigned by the video already then it will stay intact so you don’t have to worry about the descriptions while doing this.

Third party compatibility

If you feel that there are some third – party players that will work wonders for your video then you can easily go for them. Vimeo does that readily without any major hiccups. With pre-rolls you can easily make the third – party player available. There are not many who know about this feature or have used it, but once you do that you will realize how beneficial it is.

Then there is this URL restriction feature which allows its users to control the video from getting posted on every site without their consent. With the help of URL restriction nobody will be able to just copy and then embed the video elsewhere where the actual user won’t get credit for the number of clicks that happens in there.
Vimeo is a great platform for businesses that want to host video securely within budget. In addition to all above features you can also buy followers to improve your presence.