Reasons Why Android Rooting Is Lucrative

The most common reason for Android Rooting is that people find great utility in number of apps that can be installed that are available from the number of unknown sources. Settling for the Apps on the Google’s very own Play Store is like settling of the good, but in reality you might be losing out on the best.

Other than that, latest OS update is another most common reason people vouch for rooting their smartphones on android platform. While this might be only like being on the tip of the iceberg, there is more to rooting android than meets the eye.

Android Rooting

Getting rid of skins

Most manufacturers put a wrapper on the stock android with the help of their custom skins. Samsung, HTC etc. have all phone models that have similar display appearance. The skins however, serve great annoyance to the android users. It is in their best interest that they get rid of the manufacturer’s skins which are often found to be bulky, not suiting the taste of the phone owners or to make matters worse, not as clean plus functionality appealing like the stock ones. Rooting helps users to be better off without any skins that is a matter of great relief.

Get rid of bloatware

Along with skins that are limited to the appearance annoyance, the OEMs also install a lot of apps that are specific to the custom android that they build for their phone models. These apps are often seen to be annoying, useless and they occupy phone memory eating up other apps’ space.

It is viewed upon rather, as a trap for the users to get more engaged in the ecosystems of the phone manufacturers and/or carriers. It is depressing to learn that they cannot be removed by uninstalling. In the later versions of Android like Jellybean 4.1 and beyond, these apps can be disabled and the users cannot see them. But they are still there eating up valuable resource of phone memory.

Wi-Fi hotspot on-the-go

While most android phones support the feature of a free Wi-Fi router on the go, the carriers play their card by locking the feature within and charging a monthly subscription fee for the same purposes. However, if you root your android smartphone, you can download an app like Wireless Tether right from the Play store and create your own Wi-Fi hotspot with an option of encrypted network conveniently.

Better backup than ever

The pas that come with the OEM android provide phone backup features at a very superficial level. This includes only backing up of contacts, pictures, music etc. It is possible to explore backup much deeper than this via apps like Titanium backup. The most amazing feature of this app is that it can not only backup all the apps, but also take backup reliably of the data that is stored within these apps. So imagine that you shall never lose out on your high score on Angry birds if you backup using this app.