How To Install An Android APK File?

Nowadays many people are using the Android phone, and there are various ways to install an application. One among them is by using the APK installation files. Here you will learn about what an APK file is, how you can download apks for free and install the application on your Android smartphone.
How To Install An Android APK File

What Is An APK File?

These are the files with the .exe extension which can be used to install the apps that are not present in the Android app store. APK file format is used for installing some of the unknown Softwares on any Android Operating system.

Why Should I Want To Install An APK File:

APK file is a new build for an Android smartphone giving access to all the exciting new features of some apps that are restricted to use in a region outside of yours. APK file allows the latest Google updates. If a particular app is not available in the Android Play store, then downloading the APK files is the only option for installing the app on your device. There may be plenty of related apps to download, hence be careful while installing the exact one that fits your needs.

How To Install APK Files In Computer:

There are many sources of the .apk file, but some of the apk files may contain malicious viruses in the software that may risk your phone’s security. So be sure to choose the safer one. Generally, APK files on the websites like APK Mirror will be more harmless to download than elsewhere. Let us now discuss the steps to install the apk files on your computer.

  1. First, search for the apk file from your browser window and download it.
  2. Once downloaded, you need to enable the unknown sources in your android settings to be able to install a third-party app on your device.
  3. For this, click on Menu, go to Settings–>Security and check Unknown sources to install the apk file on your Android smartphone.
  4. You can also download the apps like ES Explorer on your Android device using this steps.
  5. Once you downloaded the APK file on your computer, connect it to your device.
  6. Then, copy the APK file into a folder in your Android Smartphone. Locate the file on your device, tap on it to open the app details page.
  7. Now you may find a button to install the app on the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on Install to install the app on your smartphone.

That’s it. You have now successfully installed the app on your Android device. Now let us see how to install it on your Android smartphone.

How To Install APK Files On Android:

Just like downloading the app on your computer you can also download and install the APK file from the browser on your smartphone.Open the browser search for the apk file you want to download.Once it’s downloaded open downloads then tap on the downloaded file and then click on Install. Now in a fraction of seconds, the app will be installed on your android smartphone. You can download many apps like GBWhatapp apk to your device.