Like most of the people, you have also made resolutions in the past but couldn’t fulfill them. It’s very easy to make resolutions and in high excitement we try to stick to it for some time but as time passes by we forget about our resolution and it all goes in vein. Let us help you to find a way so that you can stick to your New Year resolution and make it fruitful.

Happy New Year Resolution

Probably the first step to make your resolution fruitful could be to find a silent place were no one can disturb or distract you. Have a paper and pen or may be a tab, anything you are comfortable with. Then think about the year which is going to end very soon and think about the changes and improvement you want in yourself or at your surroundings. This can be about anything, not just the usual “quit smoking or lose weight”. Start making a list where you can write about your likes, dislikes or things you want to change. Ask yourself various questions related to your health, family, business, goals, friends, education, and career.

Consider more external changes in your life. Start thinking big, start thinking about other after you thought about yourself. Ask questions about how you can improve your environment? How can you be more energy efficient? How can you recycle and reuse waste things? Now when you have listed all the questions and answers on your list, see your list and think what items are most important for you. Don’t just address the big issues, think about small issues also that leads to big problems if not addressed. Try to be realistic and adjust any goals that may be too hard to tackle, and break your larger goals into smaller actions. You can get new year wishes, messages, greetings from Happy NewYear Blog and share them with your loved ons.

Make your list of resolutions, don’t make a short list of large goals, divide your goals into actions and make a large list of those small actions which will ultimately lead you to big goal. When you made you list of resolution sit down with your family and friends and discuss with them the issues and your resolution. Ask for their support throughout the year and motivate you to complete your resolution. After writing and discussing issues and resolutions with your near and dear one’s now take out the print of your list and pin it up at a place where you regularly visit and the list should keep coming in your cone of vision daily.

Now develop a time-activated plan for your each goal. Make a deadline for yourself to complete it and make a time table or a plan to complete your goal within the deadline you have set for yourself. Start your plan immediately. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike the best thing to do is start on the very first day of New Year and start tracking your progress.