How To Install An Android APK File?

How To Install An Android APK File

Nowadays many people are using the Android phone, and there are various ways to install an application. One among them is by using the APK installation files. Here you will learn about what an APK file is, how you can download apks for free and install the application on your Android smartphone.
How To Install An Android APK File

What Is An APK File?

These are the files with the .exe extension which can be used to install the apps that are not present in the Android app store. APK file format is used for installing some of the unknown Softwares on any Android Operating system.

Why Should I Want To Install An APK File:

APK file is a new build for an Android smartphone giving access to all the exciting new features of some apps that are restricted to use in a region outside of yours. APK file allows the latest Google updates. If a particular app is not available in the Android Play store, then downloading the APK files is the only option for installing the app on your device. There may be plenty of related apps to download, hence be careful while installing the exact one that fits your needs.

How To Install APK Files In Computer:

There are many sources of the .apk file, but some of the apk files may contain malicious viruses in the software that may risk your phone’s security. So be sure to choose the safer one. Generally, APK files on the websites like APK Mirror will be more harmless to download than elsewhere. Let us now discuss the steps to install the apk files on your computer.

  1. First, search for the apk file from your browser window and download it.
  2. Once downloaded, you need to enable the unknown sources in your android settings to be able to install a third-party app on your device.
  3. For this, click on Menu, go to Settings–>Security and check Unknown sources to install the apk file on your Android smartphone.
  4. You can also download the apps like ES Explorer on your Android device using this steps.
  5. Once you downloaded the APK file on your computer, connect it to your device.
  6. Then, copy the APK file into a folder in your Android Smartphone. Locate the file on your device, tap on it to open the app details page.
  7. Now you may find a button to install the app on the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on Install to install the app on your smartphone.

That’s it. You have now successfully installed the app on your Android device. Now let us see how to install it on your Android smartphone.

How To Install APK Files On Android:

Just like downloading the app on your computer you can also download and install the APK file from the browser on your smartphone.Open the browser search for the apk file you want to download.Once it’s downloaded open downloads then tap on the downloaded file and then click on Install. Now in a fraction of seconds, the app will be installed on your android smartphone. You can download many apps like GBWhatapp apk to your device.

10 Pointers For SBI PO 2017 Application:

10 Pointers For SBI PO 2017 Application

Do you appear for SBI PO exams 2017? If yes is your answer then here are the top 10 list that you should focus on to fill in the application.

10 Pointers For SBI PO 2017 Application

As being one of the most wanted and the most important bank in India after Reserve Bank of India, everyone ceases to become an active employee of State Bank Of India. Isn’t it?

Well, a professional expert from one of the best group 1 coaching centre in Chennai has listed here the top 10 points that you should keep in mind while filling the application form.

  1. Do not wait until the last minute to apply and register. Since the dates are tentative, it may any time close without any further intimation. Hence it is always better to register and apply for the exams as soon as the dates are announced.
  2. The whole process is an online one. Visit the official website and register as soon as possible. Remember that you can’t register offline or from any of the shops. You have to visit the website to get registered for the exams.
  3. Get a valid email ID to register for the exams. Since it is a government exam, there won’t be any scams. And further communications will be made through the registered email ID. So it is advisable to use the valid email ID always.
  4. The state bank of India is a public sector bank, and its recruitment is guided by our government test social objectives.
  5. Please be sure to know the basics of the SBI PO application process.
  6. Choice of the center for the SBI PO 2017 examination is the important step. There may be many centers based on the number of applicants, and you may have to choose one from the list. Remember to select the center which is familiar to you and also near your area. Choose it wisely.
  7. Save the application form as you go along and get temporary registration number and password will be generated. This is the important step in the whole process, and you won’t be able to get it again if you skip this step.
  8. Fill the SPI application form with utmost care. It is better to verify the details once or twice before submitting the form.
  9. Your registration is only provisional until you make the online fee payment using any one of the several options. The options may be either use a debit card, or credit card or you can even use the internet banking option.
  10. Be careful with your signature for uploading. It acts as your personal authentication and be careful while uploading your signature.

There is some top bank coaching center in Chennai who may help you to crack your bank exams in a shorter time span. Approach them and give a kick start to your career.

Beat 5 Clash Royale Tips for Beginners

1. Gems, Gems, Gems:

Begin Gemming for nothing. Getting numerous gems will radically enhance your cards/deck, and accordingly your win-rate. Be that as it may I don’t prescribe squandering a huge amount of cash on gems. There is a strategy to gain free gems in clash royale apk game.

While gems are very costly, there’s a superior approach to get them. This strategy is totally chance free, simple, and quick.

2. Keep in Mind that It’s only a game:

Toward the day’s end, it’s only a game, win or lose. Many individuals start to dismiss that and play like their life relies on upon it. That just makes you more focused and prompts more errors. In case you’re getting excessively frantic, enjoy a reprieve. There’s a lot of different games out there that might be better for you. It’s awful for anybody in the event that you consider it excessively important.

3. Learn Everything You Can About the Game:

Learning is constantly helpful in Clash Royale. Think about up on the game mechanics and the qualities and shortcomings of each card. Quite soon, you’ll see that all the exertion put into concentrate the game will come in valuable when you confront more gifted rivals.

4. Try not to Get Mad:

This is a major thing in Clash Royale. On the off chance that you need to play this game truly, you should move beyond all the tilt and act out spamming. Clash Royale is a standout amongst the most baffling games out there, and you should sidestep this angle on the off chance that you need to win. Seethe frequently mists your reasoning and prompts avoidable misfortunes.

5. Counsel your Resources:

There are a lot of destinations that offer incredible counsel, this one for instance. Some different destinations incorporate YouTube, Reddit, and the discussions. Perused about the best youtubers to figure out which ones you ought to watch. These locales will help you draw in with whatever is left of the group and take in a few tips that will help you win all the more frequently

This incorporates gold, gems and chests. Many starting players squander their gems on gold. This is not successful. When you hit level eight, difficulties are by a wide margin the best an incentive for your gems, and you ought to spend the majority of your gems on those.

Regardless of the possibility that you lose three straight, you will in any case get more an incentive than simply purchasing gold straight up.

Gold ought not be squandered on redesigns that you needn’t bother with. Make a point to just overhaul the troops you utilize. For instance, don’t overhaul the child mythical serpent.

It is not a decent card, and as you advance, it will vanish from the playing field.

Chests ought to be opened by your rest plan. Most players open three to four silvers amid the day, and one gold chest during the evening as to not squander whenever. This is the best method for getting assets.

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter – Features and Advantages

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter

Hoverboards are self-balancing scooters that have surprised the world. All celebrities, teenagers and even grown-ups with a lively soul take pride in owning one. Things being what they are, what makes the hoverboard unique?

Well! That exclusively relies on upon the client who cherishes the style and the innovation of simply skimming through on the streets. There are various companies producing these best self balancing scooters, most famously called as the hoverboards.

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter

Here is the review on epikgo self balancing scooter, with its components clarified with features and advantages.

The EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter is manufactured by EPIKGO, a company based in Silicon Valley that prides itself on bringing unlimited possibilities to riders with all the safety parameters in place and some of the best technology in the field.


  • These Hoverboards are UL 2272 Certified while the battery is a UL2271Certified LG Smart Battery.
  • This hoverboard comes with some solid tires that have a rating of IP56 for solidness and water resistance.
  • The body frame is an aluminum frame, extending immense durability to the product.
  • It is a sophisticated gadget with some incredible features such as built-in fast 2-hour fast charging technology.
  • The weight limit is 240 lbs.
  • It has a powerful motor – 400W Dual Motors.
  • The wheels are 8.5” inch with all-terrain tires and alloy wheels.
  • It is semisubmersible with an IP56 Waterproof Certification

Technical Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 27.5×8.7x.9.1inches
  • Product Weight: 31 lbs. / 14Kgs


  • It has 5-inch wheels with strong elastic tires, which permits you ride on grass and rock.
  • It is a waterproof hoverboard.
  • The standing stage is greater and more extensive, giving degree for additional solidness particularly while going over harsh territory.
  • It has a noteworthy battery charging innovation that permits you to go for an entire 10 – 12 miles with a two-hour battery charge.
  • It can control through slants more than 18°.
  • It takes after all the security gauges and this is its greatest favorable position, guaranteeing of no fire or electrical perils.
  • The item accompanies a 1-year constrained warranty.

5 Tactics To Increase Engagement On LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Company page is not only for brand visibility but also for sustaining a useful community for your services and products. The best LinkedIn Company page does a great job of increasing brand awareness by engaging with followers on a regular basis.

There are millions of companies and industries have a LinkedIn Company page. Sales professionals use it to find leads. LinkedIn is a useful tool to build an active online community. LinkedIn Company page users are more likely to buy LinkedIn company followers when they engage with them on LinkedIn.

Here are five simple tactics which help to get more followers for your business page,

1. Choose The Right Logo & Banner:

It is an essential thing to upload your Company Logo and banner image. Your LinkedIn Company page includes products and services tab where you can share product images, services and links for purchasing products. You can also buy LinkedIn profile Followers from us to get more followers for your company page within a short period.

2. Create Showcase Pages:

Showcase pages are extensions of your business page mainly designed for highlighting your company brand or blog. LinkedIn users may follow Showcase pages without following the company or other Showcase pages.

3. Sponsor Main Updates:

Popular social media network such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, LinkedIn offers you to extend your business reach. In sponsored updates, you can reach your viewers beyond your followers and get your message out to the new people. LinkedIn sponsored updates which helps to promote deeper relationships, brand awareness, and generate quality leads with your audience by ranging the reach of your company’s updates.

4. Post A Variety Of Exciting Content:

Don’t post the same type of content on your company page. Try to post interesting and exciting content on your page to attract your followers.

Types of content to post on your Company page,

  1. Include graphics, videos, photos, and links to your content.
  2. Post exclusive content and industry related news about your company
  3. Share some funny articles.

5. Link Your Company Page To Your Personal Profile:

The primary objective of creating content is to engage the audience. Ask them to reply, share or like your content. Ask questions, create contests to engage with the audience. You can also link your other social media channels to LinkedIn so that people can share the content on other social media platforms.

How To Immediately Improve Your Website Traffic?

In today’s world, if you want to increase your internet business without doing marketing techniques to your business website, it is a very tough task to get more popularity in your business in a short period. If you are a businessman, you need to improve your business through online; then you need to choose a right way to get a long term result.

How To Immediately Improve Your Website Traffic
Are you looking to promote your business through internet marketing? Then you have to choose a good way that will give a good result in a short period. When you are looking for that kind of marketing, the hope SEO is the best choice. There is some SEO company in Bangalore that will help you to get a more traffic to your website. Here we will see some ways to improve your website traffic immediately.

  1. Facebook Remarketing
  2. Twitter Remarketing
  3. Promote your blog on Facebook

1. Facebook Remarketing:

Either you are in B2B or B2C industry, then Facebook is the best promotion tool.Everyone well knows about Facebook marketing, but no one knows about Facebook remarketing. This is the great way to get more traffic to your website or blog in a short period.

2. Twitter Remarketing:

Twitter Remarketing is nothing but the same way of Facebook remarketing. Simply install the Facebook tracking pixel on your website and continue to marketing. The one and only difference are Twitter require higher minimum audience than Facebook.

3. Promote Your Blog on Facebook:

Nowadays Facebook has cut back on their organic reach. This means nothing but no one will see your posts on facebook. You need to put a little bit of budget them instant.

Tricks and Tips to Earn Money on YouTube

Are you a youtube?? Then you should prefer youtube to promote your video in your channel. Youtubers are who all are looking to promote your business through video marketing. Here I prefer one trick to earn money from youtube. Because youtube is one of the good platforms to promote your business in a short period of time and also it will help you to earn money from youtube. If you want to earn money from youtube,first of all, you should create a channel for your youtube.
After creating your youtube channel you can upload videos to your channel. Four months ago I have uploaded a video for my channel , but I didn’t get that much of views for my channel, I got only a few views.After some time I will get some idea about youtube views and likes. We can also buy youtube views and likes from some authorized sellers. Once I bought views and likes,I can easily get a number of views and likes to my channel. Here we will see some tricks and tips to earn money on youtube.

  1. By using youtube you can easily get traffic to your website or blog.
  2. Change the name of the channel and upload a video after a keyword research.
  3. Create products and promote them on youtube and become a youtube personality.
  4. Replace low-quality video with high-quality HD video and also apply unique tricks to attracts a viewer’s.
  5. Share your videos on other social networking sites and also share your knowledge with some tutorial videos.
  6. Test and after market your products.
  7. Use a catch keywords to get an audience and build your own brand using youtube.

By using this above tricks and tips,you can easily make money on youtube, you can also buy views on youtube from some service providers for making money on youtube.

Different ways to Get SBI IFSC code and its uses

In India, more than 40% of population are using banking services which is approximately 659 million people. There are 165 computerized banks and around 1,20,000 bank branches are in service.

State bank of India is leading public sector bank providing all kinds of financial help for their account holders. State Bank of India providing various online banking options in order to make customer banking hassle free.


Most important code which required while transferring funds online is IFSC code. SBI IFSC code is 11 digit code provided by RBI for all the branches of SBI bank.

Get SBI IFSC code from cheque Book

Nowadays, bank offers cheque book for all banking customers. You can find your bank branch IFSC code in every cheque leaf.

This is safe way to find your branch IFSC code but how to find other SBI branch IFSC code?.

Get SBI IFSC code from

Through web we can find IFSC code for all the branches of state bank of India. One of the trusted website is Within a minute you can about to find state bank of India IFSC code for the branch which you are looking for.

  • Visit home page
  • banksifsccodes

  • Select state bank of India in the Bank’s list
  • Select the state>>district>>and branch name.
  • You can find all the branch details like IFSC code, MICR code, Address, Zip code and more.

These are the two different methods to check state bank of India IFSC code. Make sure that the IFSC code which you have added is correct before transferring fund to anyone.

Vimeo Has Separate Space For Each User

When you are out there to market your video then it becomes quite obvious that you will make use of various features that are available on that platform. The same thing holds true for Vimeo as well, users of Vimeo are trying to get the most out of it and in order to achieve that they opt for the Pro version where maximum features are available. In here you can get real Vimeo views as in the regular Vimeo account, but apart from that there are several other advantages of using Vimeo Pro over the Vimeo free account or the Plus account. Always it is necessary to buy vimeo plays for getting instant traffic.

Vimeo  user

Vimeo Pro and Portfolio

Portfolio is a feature that you will find in Vimeo Pro. If you want, you can create multiple numbers of Vimeo Portfolios and the best part is that all of these portfolios can have its own sub – domain and domain too. Another interesting factor about this is that Vimeo doesn’t do its own branding instead it lets its users explore the whole platform to his own benefit.

The URL that has been put to use is also of the users only and in there you won’t find the name Vimeo embedded. You can see it for yourself when you visit the Vimeo site that when any URL comes up or any video is streaming it never reflects Vimeo anywhere. It also provides the same thing for the sub domain as well. Sub – domain can be a real web address or it can be treated like a pointer for different pages which otherwise might be difficult to dictate.

In here you just need to come out with a Portfolio of yours and then point a sub – domain to it or if you want you can go to the domain as well. After doing so you have to pick up a template from Vimeo Pro for your Portfolio and select which video goes where. Depending on the main objective of the portfolios you can pick up the videos. If there is any metadata assigned by the video already then it will stay intact so you don’t have to worry about the descriptions while doing this.

Third party compatibility

If you feel that there are some third – party players that will work wonders for your video then you can easily go for them. Vimeo does that readily without any major hiccups. With pre-rolls you can easily make the third – party player available. There are not many who know about this feature or have used it, but once you do that you will realize how beneficial it is.

Then there is this URL restriction feature which allows its users to control the video from getting posted on every site without their consent. With the help of URL restriction nobody will be able to just copy and then embed the video elsewhere where the actual user won’t get credit for the number of clicks that happens in there.
Vimeo is a great platform for businesses that want to host video securely within budget. In addition to all above features you can also buy followers to improve your presence.

‘Good’ and ‘bad’ SEO Providers: What are the Key Differences?

While there are a number of SEO techniques you can implement for your website, there are many other things that need your attention. For you to learn about SEO especially for a beginner, you may need so much time. To ensure your website or online business gets SEO benefit, hire a good SEO provider. This article will help you know the difference between a good and bad SEO provider


Good SEO provider

Good SEO providers are individuals who intend to create a solid foundation. They also have a practical SEO plan for any online business. They carry out extensive competitor and initial keyword research. Even if their client does not understand the importance, they will always insist on these aspects. Good SEO providers make results their first priority. A client may even claim to have carried out the research on keywords. A potential client can take up to 10 minutes to come up with keywords. However, proper keyword research is one process that is investigative and lengthy.

According to best SEO services in Chennai, “A good SEO provider pays special attention to responsible SEO methods. These include aiding social sharing, improving citations, securing good quality back links, and ensuring reliable user experience”.

Bad SEO providers

While good SEO providers make the results a top priority, the bad ones make money their first priority. They do not take time to research on competitors and relevant keywords. For example, they may ask you to give three keywords as well as the URL you intend to rank for. Such service providers are only plugging your site into software. The result will be irrelevant links appearing all over the net. Such service providers also use link farms, spam blog comments, etc. This approach is not effective since the domain or URL is not likely to match the desired keywords. This approach can easily damage your website’s reputation as well as its long term credibility and SEO.

Bad service providers use SEO methods of bad quality. These methods are also called black hats. Use of these means may have detrimental effect with regard to the how the site is perceived by each search engine. In turn, your site can be Sand Boxed. Such damage is undesirable and really difficult to reverse.

With the above guidelines, you can pick the right SEO consultant Chennai. A good service provider will be able to professionally highlight your online business’ attributes. He also has skills to ensure your services or products receive proper attention.

In addition to web design and SEO aspects, you website needs to reflect the company ethics. It must also personify the ethics of the company. After all; it is about you, the company as well as the products or services you intend to sell. High quality SEO leads to good user experience.