Are you a youtube?? Then you should prefer youtube to promote your video in your channel. Youtubers are who all are looking to promote your business through video marketing. Here I prefer one trick to earn money from youtube. Because youtube is one of the good platforms to promote your business in a short period of time and also it will help you to earn money from youtube. If you want to earn money from youtube,first of all, you should create a channel for your youtube.
After creating your youtube channel you can upload videos to your channel. Four months ago I have uploaded a video for my channel , but I didn’t get that much of views for my channel, I got only a few views.After some time I will get some idea about youtube views and likes. We can also buy youtube views and likes from some authorized sellers. Once I bought views and likes,I can easily get a number of views and likes to my channel. Here we will see some tricks and tips to earn money on youtube.

  1. By using youtube you can easily get traffic to your website or blog.
  2. Change the name of the channel and upload a video after a keyword research.
  3. Create products and promote them on youtube and become a youtube personality.
  4. Replace low-quality video with high-quality HD video and also apply unique tricks to attracts a viewer’s.
  5. Share your videos on other social networking sites and also share your knowledge with some tutorial videos.
  6. Test and after market your products.
  7. Use a catch keywords to get an audience and build your own brand using youtube.

By using this above tricks and tips,you can easily make money on youtube, you can also buy views on youtube from some service providers for making money on youtube.