Reasons Why Android Rooting Is Lucrative

The most common reason for Android Rooting is that people find great utility in number of apps that can be installed that are available from the number of unknown sources. Settling for the Apps on the Google’s very own Play Store is like settling of the good, but in reality you might be losing out on the best.

Other than that, latest OS update is another most common reason people vouch for rooting their smartphones on android platform. While this might be only like being on the tip of the iceberg, there is more to rooting android than meets the eye.

Android Rooting

Getting rid of skins

Most manufacturers put a wrapper on the stock android with the help of their custom skins. Samsung, HTC etc. have all phone models that have similar display appearance. The skins however, serve great annoyance to the android users. It is in their best interest that they get rid of the manufacturer’s skins which are often found to be bulky, not suiting the taste of the phone owners or to make matters worse, not as clean plus functionality appealing like the stock ones. Rooting helps users to be better off without any skins that is a matter of great relief.

Get rid of bloatware

Along with skins that are limited to the appearance annoyance, the OEMs also install a lot of apps that are specific to the custom android that they build for their phone models. These apps are often seen to be annoying, useless and they occupy phone memory eating up other apps’ space.

It is viewed upon rather, as a trap for the users to get more engaged in the ecosystems of the phone manufacturers and/or carriers. It is depressing to learn that they cannot be removed by uninstalling. In the later versions of Android like Jellybean 4.1 and beyond, these apps can be disabled and the users cannot see them. But they are still there eating up valuable resource of phone memory.

Wi-Fi hotspot on-the-go

While most android phones support the feature of a free Wi-Fi router on the go, the carriers play their card by locking the feature within and charging a monthly subscription fee for the same purposes. However, if you root your android smartphone, you can download an app like Wireless Tether right from the Play store and create your own Wi-Fi hotspot with an option of encrypted network conveniently.

Better backup than ever

The pas that come with the OEM android provide phone backup features at a very superficial level. This includes only backing up of contacts, pictures, music etc. It is possible to explore backup much deeper than this via apps like Titanium backup. The most amazing feature of this app is that it can not only backup all the apps, but also take backup reliably of the data that is stored within these apps. So imagine that you shall never lose out on your high score on Angry birds if you backup using this app.

Break The Barriers With Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a promising online platform that has simply brought the music from all over the world at one place. You need to have a tune or collection of sounds to upload, make an account, and there you go.

It is very interesting to see such a varied collection of sounds where every tune seems to compete with the other for getting awarded as the most popular music of all times. This can be achieved only if you get plays on soundcloud in large numbers.

SoundCloud Advantages

To get plays on soundcloud in astronomical numbers seems to be the ultimate dream of every musician nowadays, so there is scope of making money out of encouraging people to become the most known in the world of music. Therefore, there are a number of products like number of plays on soundcloud that are being sold to avid budding musicians.

Invest Little to Make Big Sound

There are number of online service providers that have a plethora of products to offer to new as well as established musicians who are looking for innovative platforms to reach the audience. These online play on soundcloud sellers offer attractive packages involving plays and other related facilities to the members at very minimal cost, sometimes as low as only $4 per month. Hence, buy plays for soundcloud and see how they change your future in the world of music.

Why Buy Plays on Soundcloud?

There are number of advantages attached to buying plays on soundcloud. Some of the important benefits are:

1) When you buy likes on soundcloud, your music is promoted in positive light. Large number of plays is looked upon as a certificate of excellence and this draws more and more people towards your music. Hence, you become owner of huge fan base overnight because of the number of hits that you get on your music URL.

2) Buying plays on soundcloud online is now seen as a strong marketing tool to find large number of followers who may be interested in your music. Hence, this gives you ample exposure to large number of audience who is looking for new and varied styles of music and mixes.

3) Get plays on soundcloud in lieu of money is a very profitable proposition as large number of plays help you stand out among horde. You are looked upon as someone whose music can make the world go bizarre. Your music is classified as high quality music and it is definitely called a hit if it stands out in a relevant platform like an audio-sharing interface.

Important Tips to Get Plays on Soundcloud

1) Make very catchy music. It has to have a universal appeal so that people from all over the world feel like listening to it at least once.

2) Keep your soundcloud updated with a variety of novel tunes. Every visit made on your account should be a learning and delightful experience for the visitor.

3) Include other’s music as a part of your playlist so that you may get an inquisitive visitor on your account in response to the interest you showed in others’ music.

10 Unique Account On Instagram To Be Followed

Where Instagram is loved by all, there are many people on the Instagram who have left their uniqueness in front of the whole world to get the more popularity and eventually Instagram followers. These people are unique, but they have accessed the millions of hearts and laugh.

Unique Instagram Accounts

1. Jen Selter’s Butt

Jen Selter has reached the 2.2 million followers landmarks including the pop singer Rihanna, as the most famous butt on Instagram. She has flaunted her butt while working in the gym. She has stated that no one is interested to see her face, so why not expose the butt. With this increasing popularity on Instagram she has signed a contract with Cirrus Fitness, which is a leading gym equipment manufacturer.

2. Obnoxious Kid is flaunting his wealth

Param the brat kid has reached the landmark of the 350,000 Instagram followers while flaunting his wealth and goads in front of the whole world. Where, the media are trying to figure about his money, he is just flushing out the cash in toilets and also loading cash in the helium balloons and releasing them into the air.

3. Miserable Mean got bored with his shopping partner

Miserable men on Instagram, which is the bored man and gets the sleep in the shopping malls while waiting for his partner to finish the shopping.

4. High School Students Imitates U.S Presidents

Chaz Rorick, which is the student of the high school, is posing himself in the U.S President’s form and clicking the pic and also sharing it with the whole world to achieve Instagram followers. It is also considered as the best option to buy more followers to get more visibility.

5. Anonymous person leaving a huge amount of money as a tip

In September 2013, it was noted that the anonymous person is leaving the huge amount of money as a tip while traveling the U.S. It has been noted that the tip was found between $600-$1000. But, later in December 2013, it was allegedly found that it may be PayPal Vice President Jack Selby

6. Make-up Master Mathu Anderson

Mathu Anderson is one of the most followed celebrity on Instagram. He is the creative producer of the movie Rupaul’s Drag Race. He leaves himself behind the trail of followers by giving the daily new looks on the Instagram

7. Stuffed Fox travels a world to raise the funds for the good cause

Mr. Fox, who has stuffed himself under the fox costume is roaming around the world with the owner Jessica Johnson. They have been traveling and clicking the pics at every instant and sharing them on the Instagram. Also, they are going to publish a book on their travel and raise the funds for the good cause.

8. Worst Food Fails

Instagram is also the place where you can see the images of the food fails. A person is trying to share the worst food fails on the internet.

9. Exotic animals

What more you can do is just posing the image with the exotic animals. A person with more than 360,000 Instagram followers is posing his images with the exotic animals.

10. Rich Cat

Will Zweigart’s son Sketchy Santa clicked the images of the rich cat rolling on the bed of money. The cashcats does the all even blinking his eyes. Hence Instagram is surely a place for getting more followers for your creativity and you can also buy instagram followers cheap to improve the visibility.