10 Pointers For SBI PO 2017 Application:

Do you appear for SBI PO exams 2017? If yes is your answer then here are the top 10 list that you should focus on to fill in the application.

10 Pointers For SBI PO 2017 Application

As being one of the most wanted and the most important bank in India after Reserve Bank of India, everyone ceases to become an active employee of State Bank Of India. Isn’t it?

Well, a professional expert from one of the best group 1 coaching centre in Chennai has listed here the top 10 points that you should keep in mind while filling the application form.

  1. Do not wait until the last minute to apply and register. Since the dates are tentative, it may any time close without any further intimation. Hence it is always better to register and apply for the exams as soon as the dates are announced.
  2. The whole process is an online one. Visit the official website and register as soon as possible. Remember that you can’t register offline or from any of the shops. You have to visit the website to get registered for the exams.
  3. Get a valid email ID to register for the exams. Since it is a government exam, there won’t be any scams. And further communications will be made through the registered email ID. So it is advisable to use the valid email ID always.
  4. The state bank of India is a public sector bank, and its recruitment is guided by our government test social objectives.
  5. Please be sure to know the basics of the SBI PO application process.
  6. Choice of the center for the SBI PO 2017 examination is the important step. There may be many centers based on the number of applicants, and you may have to choose one from the list. Remember to select the center which is familiar to you and also near your area. Choose it wisely.
  7. Save the application form as you go along and get temporary registration number and password will be generated. This is the important step in the whole process, and you won’t be able to get it again if you skip this step.
  8. Fill the SPI application form with utmost care. It is better to verify the details once or twice before submitting the form.
  9. Your registration is only provisional until you make the online fee payment using any one of the several options. The options may be either use a debit card, or credit card or you can even use the internet banking option.
  10. Be careful with your signature for uploading. It acts as your personal authentication and be careful while uploading your signature.

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